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Lost Carnival | IC Contact

FREQUENCY: 319.03058
DESCRIPTION: Don't ask her about the significance of the number of her frequency. It's something about the production code of her favorite episode of CPH and some other significant numbers from that show, who even knows...

LOCATION: Mailbox is on her door, it's shaped like a chicken???
DESCRIPTION: She doesn't really see the point of correspondence by mail. You're better off hitting up her radio or finding her in person if it's something important.
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I hope you're paying attention to your rebellious newbie.

She's going to get in trouble if things continue as they are.
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Pidge! She has all the signs of a runner and she's going to get hurt.

[Probably. Maybe. Eventually.]
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I don't know, but someone should do something!

[This is dumb! He is being dumb. He needs to calm down.]

Sorry. I'm sorry. I don't need to be shouting.
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Because I tried and she basically told me to go fuck myself.
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That doesn't mean you shouldn't try...

[He mostly mumbles, but it should still be loud enough for Peridot to hear.]