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Lost Carnival | IC Contact

FREQUENCY: 319.03058
DESCRIPTION: Don't ask her about the significance of the number of her frequency. It's something about the production code of her favorite episode of CPH and some other significant numbers from that show, who even knows...

LOCATION: Mailbox is on her door, it's shaped like a chicken???
DESCRIPTION: She doesn't really see the point of correspondence by mail. You're better off hitting up her radio or finding her in person if it's something important.
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Hey. Is this the engineer?

[ Who is this loser, even? She might have heard him on the radio and seen him around, but they've never really had a proper introduction. ]
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Lambert. I'm the new Nightrider.

[ Maybe she's noticed him move in, maybe not, but he did spend most of Alola on Pokémon adventures ... and do Gems even need sleep? Whatever, he gets right to business: ]

I need something built. You the one I should talk to about that?

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this is probably gonna end SO BADLY but #YOLO

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I'm planning to ask her for the space. Just trying to get a sense of what's possible, first.

[ He pauses, trying to think of how to put this concisely. ]

I want to set up a training yard -- and obviously, something like that needs training equipment, so that people can practice. [ A shuffle of papers. ]

The idea's to give people the chance to practice hitting targets, and improve their footwork and endurance. I've got some ideas, but ... you ever design an obstacle course before?
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[ To be fair, this might be a little out of her wheelhouse, as things with physical exertion tend to be. ]

I can describe it. There was one that I ran all the time back home, but it was mostly improvised from the environment.
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I'm all for modern. Something that doesn't become an ice slide in the winter would be a nice change.

[ Oh well, that's what iterations are for! Anyway, the death traps aren't going to be for him. ]

I'm looking forward to it.