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2025-10-10 10:25 pm


Peridot 5XG
"I didn't save Earth for this..."
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2017-05-06 11:14 pm
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It’s around noon when Peridot performs the summoning. By all traditional, dramatic accounts, this might seem an unorthodox time of day to be cracking the barrier between realms and calling upon the infernal forces of hell itself, but, hey. She’s only human, after all; she has a job, a schedule to keep, a sleep pattern to maintain…

Frankly, if you ask her? Anyone who risks doing their demon summoning in the middle of the night while exhausted, just because of tradition or for the ambience or whatever, is probably a clod who deserves to get devoured by an incubus.

No. Peridot is much more pragmatic than that. That’s why she’d woken up this morning after a solid night’s sleep and decided that today, at last, would be the day to act. She’d had herself a sandwich, changed into her work clothes, made sure to hydrate properly AND gone to the bathroom AT LEAST three times before she had gotten settled in to start with her preparations, gleefully determined to put her plan into motion.
Soon enough, the pentagrams had been drawn out, the lines double and then triple checked for accuracy. Incense and candles were both lit, ceremonial items and offerings laid out in the proper arrangements according to all the books. And the whole time that she’s working, in spite of the preciseness of her measurements and the thoroughness of her research, Peridot is achingly aware of the riskiness of this endeavor she’s about to undertake. She’s confident in her theories, and in her own abilities as a summoner, but…

A double summoning. It’s a concept often muttered about among all the scientists at the extradimensional research department which Peridot is employed at, but it’s rarely ever attempted. Too risky, everyone always says. Too many variables, the spells too wordy and complex and the demons… to unpredictable. Managing just one is a struggle for many of those who delve into the dark arts.
But not for Peridot. What can she say, she’s always looking to push the limits of her field, and pulling off such an allegedly impossible feat seems like the biggest and most impressive limit to break of them all.

And all that ambition has led her, at last, to this point. Everything is ready. She seats herself across from the pentagrams, spell book laid open on the floor in front of her, a sticky note with the names of the demons she has selected for this experiment stuck to the edge of the relevant page. She’s practically shaking with excitement, has to take a breath to center herself, focus on the moment before she starts to read aloud.

Ancient words from a lengthy passage. Peridot pronounces every one of them clearly and accurately, and then calls forth through the void for them: Jasper and Lapis Lazuli.
She sits quiet, stock still, and waits for the response.
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2016-10-14 10:00 pm
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Lost Carnival | HMD

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Leave em' all right here.

Comments are screened, Anonymous comments are OFF.
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2016-10-10 02:45 pm
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Lost Carnival | OOC Info

CARNIVAL JOB: The Engineer (Supervisor)
JOINED: Approx. 1 year and 3 months before game start
TRAILER: Supervisor Grove #9
REWARDS REDEEMED: Got her pet Pumpkin back (Small item regain), gained a spell to transform into a bat (complex spell reward).

Sharp fangs
Claws on hands/feet
Slitted, crocodile-like pupils
Deer-like ears
Small horns on forehead on either side of her gem.
Clusters of peridot gem "freckles" on cheeks and tail
Forked tongue
Thick reptilian tail
Spines on elbows and knees
Now occasionally makes sounds that are akin to computer/video game sound effects when startled or surprised (Matrix Event change)
The ability to breathe fire/channel fire through her claw tips.
Tail is now longer AND prehensile (as of the return from Portland, August 2017)

1ST CONTRACT: 1 year, 1 day contract signed to repay debt for damages to the carnival.
2ND CONTRACT: Another 1 year, 1 day contract willingly signed in exchange for better mastery over her fire and metal powers.

PLAYER: Possum
CONTACT: [ profile] awkwardpossum

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2016-10-10 02:44 pm
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Lost Carnival | IC Contact

FREQUENCY: 319.03058
DESCRIPTION: Don't ask her about the significance of the number of her frequency. It's something about the production code of her favorite episode of CPH and some other significant numbers from that show, who even knows...

LOCATION: Mailbox is on her door, it's shaped like a chicken???
DESCRIPTION: She doesn't really see the point of correspondence by mail. You're better off hitting up her radio or finding her in person if it's something important.